“Wish You Were Here”, a collaborative exhibit by San Francisco creative group Day Dreamers Limited, was a part of the inaugural show for ELL, a new exhibition space whose curatorial focus is cross-disciplinary work.


ELL is located at the crossroads of Chinatown, Little Italy, and the Financial District; neighborhoods that are constantly changing, but also central to the tourist, adult entertainment, and financial industries. Taking cues from these overlapping cultures, Day Dreamers Limited will explore the nostalgia of tourist traps and souvenir shops by creating fine art as well as traditional versions of San Francisco souvenirs, including pressed pennies, t-shirts and fortune cookies. Vending machines will be installed on site, allowing the audience to participate by purchasing souvenirs from the exhibit.


The notion of San Francisco as a salable commodity intrigued the group. The tourist industry is a big part of San Francisco, but one with which we locals rarely interact. By applying our own aesthetics and skills to traditional notions of San Francisco and its souvenirs, we can elevate something we love deeply within our own constructive commentary. Some proceeds will benefit the San Francisco Unified School District, where the founders’ children are currently enrolled.