Soft Serve

From a sketch, translated to 3D sculpting and printing, then cast in resin, hand painted, with 23K gold leafing- so rad to go from analog to digital and then back to analog. This sculpture series was flown first class to be shown at Stranger Factory in Albuquerque for Kelly Tunstall’s “Soft Serve”, where the edition sold out. Modeled by Rob Melville in collaboration with Kelly Tunstall, Zeb Goodell, Brian von Bargen, and Howard Cao.

Pizza Guy 

Pizza Guy, a large format 3D print, was modeled by Rob Melville in collaboration with Ferris Plock and Howard Cao. Stretching the outer limits of the output format, this monumental work where high art meets cheese was flown coach, nestled carefully in Kelly Tunstall’s lap, to the 2016 LA Art Show, where it was displayed by Daniel Rolnik at his eponymous gallery